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Colfax Standards of Behavior


Parents, please review these with your child:

  1. Students must respect and follow the directions of teachers, staff and volunteers.
  2. Students must respect and be courteous to others.  We have a zero tolerance for bullying.
  3. Possession of weapons or anything that can be used as a weapon will not be tolerated.
  4. Students must respect school property, including walls, desks, books and materials.
  5. Students are expected to walk at all times for their own safety and as a courtesy to others.
  6. Students will obey all breakfast and lunch standards. Food is to be eaten in lunch areas and all trash is to be disposed of properly. Please do not litter – Keep Colfax Beautiful.
  7. Students will wear appropriate attire for outdoor play and recess.

Attendance and Tardiness


"If you're here by 8:00, you won't be late!"

We all know how hectic it can be getting out the door in the morning; however, it is important for all students to be in school on time daily. Tardiness is not a trait we want our students to develop and entering a classroom habitually late interrupts the class’ morning routine and deprives all students of valuable class time.

Our Kindergarten students must be in class at 8:00am. All other students line up on the playground at 8:05am, when the first bell rings, and then proceed to their classrooms. The second and final bell rings at 8:10am, and the gates are locked. Your child is tardy if he/she is not in line or in class at the 8:10am bell. If you bring your child to school at or after 8:10am, he/she must enter through the office, pick up a tardy slip and present it to his or her teacher.

Click here to view the district attendance policy

Absences and Illnesses

Please call the office at 818-761-5115 to report your child’s absence or when your child returns to school, have him or her bring a note from you explaining the absence. Please keep your child home if you suspect he or she has an infectious condition such as flu, head lice or pinkeye.

Children wearing casts or using crutches need a note from the doctor indicating any limits and allowing readmission to school.

If your child becomes ill at school, the office will call you to pick up your child. Be sure your Emergency Card is up-to-date, so that we can reach you, and because the office will not release your child to anyone not listed on the Card. If someone you’ve listed on your Emergency Card is picking up your child, that person must show a picture I.D. before the office staff will release the child.

If you need to pick up your child before dismissal time, you must go to the office and sign your child out.


Children are not allowed to bring medications of any type to school (prescription or over the counter) and are not allowed to take medications, on their own, at school. If your child needs medication, you must file a medication form with the office, provide them with the prescription information they require, and a supply of the medication in its original, pharmacy container. The office will then administer the medication as prescribed. Medication Form

Children wearing braces or casts or using crutches or wheel chairs, shall be permitted to attend school only with written permission of the physician in charge of the case. Crutches, Braces, Form

Cell Phones

Per District policy, the use of cell phones during school hours is prohibited. If a student brings a cell phone to school it must remain “off” and be stored in a backpack, purse or other place where it is not visible during school hours. If a phone is observed or heard by a school staff member, it will be confiscated until redeemed by a parent or guardian.


The after school cell phone use policy is as follows:

  • Cell phones may be turned on ready to receive a call. 
  • If/when a cell phone rings, the student is to walk over to an adult staff member and only answer in their presence. 
  • If the student needs to make a call, it must be made in front of a staff member. 

Any violation of these rules will result in the phone being confiscated and kept until a parent can pick it up from the office.  The rules will be reviewed with the parent.


Photographing others is strictly prohibited.  Anyone caught photographing others will be sent immediately to the office.

Dress Code

Uniforms are not required at Colfax; however, keep in mind that school is your child’s place of business and all children should be dressed appropriately for school. Please do not dress the students in halter-tops or anything that shows the midriff. Also, because the children play and participate in physical activities during recess and physical education, please observe the following: closed toe shoes and no heels.  The children's job is to learn and play, please dress them so they can work hard and play hard!