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5th Grade

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade at Colfax Charter is an academically challenging and eventful year.  Not only are we ensuring that our students meet the state standards, we are also preparing them for the transition into middle school.  We engage in a rigorous curriculum, that promotes independent learning and strong study skills. We also focus on the development of the whole child, so that each student leaves Colfax feeling self-confident,  compassionate toward others, and motivated to succeed. Students learn how to use mindful techniques and growth mindset strategies to develop personal goals and a resilience that are essential for great accomplishments. 


The fifth grade curriculum consists of an in depth study of Language Arts and Math, with an integration of Social Studies, Science, Health, Technology, Art and Physical Education.  Language Arts encompasses vocabulary development, writing, and the reading and analyzing of literature and informational text.  Mathematics, at the fifth grade level, covers a broad range of concepts, including basic computation, number sense with whole numbers, fractions and decimals, and a problem solving.


In fifth grade, we know that not every student is the same, and we strive to meet each student’s individual needs. Cognitively guided instruction, involving Depth of Knowledge questioning and discussion, provides students in the classroom with the ability to think without limitations.  Differentiation through flexible grouping and project-based learning encourages students to purposefully engage and communicate with one another in learning activities.


Last but not least, there are many exciting events that occur during this last year of elementary school.  Students get the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the Science curriculum with a fun-filled overnight trip to science camp.  They research, plan and execute on their own, an Earth Day Celebration, teaching younger students how to take care of the Earth through lessons, games and activities.  They involve themselves in many campus-wide activities, including Student Government, Science Olympiad, Turning Pages, Spelling Bee, and performances. Finally, they get to say goodbye to their beloved Colfax by being a part of a thoughtfully planned and orchestrated culmination ceremony.