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The Team

Room 10 Mr. Lample


Room 11 Mrs. Rosa


Room 13 Mrs. Ponce


Room 14 Mrs. Juniel

Room 15 Mrs. Steinbach

2nd Grade

Second Grade

Second grade is where we incorporate a variety of activities to enhance and promote student achievement.  Our goal is to make our students become successful problem solvers and life-long learners.


Second grade students learn how to read aloud fluently and accurately with appropriate intonation and expression.  They also learn to write clear and coherent sentences and paragraphs that develop a central idea.  They also express themselves through journal writing, poetry, personal narratives, informative and explanatory texts and opinion pieces. Additionally students write literature responses and friendly letters.


Our math program includes topics such as understanding place value, number relationships, 3 digit addition and subtraction, regrouping, multiplication concepts, measurement, classifying shapes and collecting data.  We also integrate ST MATH (JIJI) and weekly problem solving lessons, with a focus on constructing viable arguments and critiquing the reasoning of others.


In Science, we plan and carry out investigations involving plant & animal habitats, earth events that involve erosion and weathering. We also study matter and its interactions and go through the engineering and design process. 


To meet the needs of all learners, we differentiate our programs by incorporating flexible groupings to re-teach lessons or challenge students through carefully planned enrichment activities, such as literature circles and project-based tasks.